Full and Partial acrylic aesthetically pleasing quality dentures are our specialty. All of our products are made on site using only quality materials hand made by our qualified experienced technicians. We have a range of products to allow us to provide the correct solution for our patients and a product to suit most budgets.

Modern Flexible Valplast and Thermosens partial dentures are now available through the clinic . Additions and relines are also available in these materials . Our valplast technicians have 10 years experience specialising in these flexible materials.

We offer a free 30 minute no obligation consultation to encourage our patients to discuss their requirements and expectations as well as asking questions about the process,options and the cost involved. Our pricing is for the total cost for all visits required for the manufacturing of our custom made dentures there are no hidden extra costs .

Denture Concepts is the clinical section of Codentech Dental Laboratory. Codentech has been supplying prosthetics to the dental industry for 18 years and is New Zealand owned and operated.

Experienced clinical technicians with over 20 years experience run the clinic. All products produced for Denture Concepts are made on site by our experienced and qualified technicians, using the best materials and modern techniques. The on-site technician’s allow us to provide same day repairs and relines, together with a denture cleaning service.

We have a modern relaxing room for your consultation. Our central Auckland location, customer parking and flexible appointment times make a visit to Denture Concepts a stress free experience. We even do insurance jobs, so if you require your dentures to be repaired, or replaced through insurance, we can help.



Come and meet our talented team of Clinicians & Technicians.

Experienced clinical technicians with over 20 years experience run the clinic.


We have a state of the art clinic, relaxed environment which we encourage our patients to discuss their requirements and expectations. 


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Are your dentures loose? Uncomfortable to wear? Do you feel self conscious when you smile? If so, we have good news for you.. At Denture Concepts we use the most up to date techniques and quality materials to custom make dentures that allow you to reclaim the quality of life that a full set of functional, attractive teeth provide.

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Partial dentures are a great option for people who still have some healthy teeth. A partial denture fits between your existing teeth like a puzzle piece to complete your smile. Partial dentures that look unnatural are a thing of the past..

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Valplast is an innovative flexible partial denture material. Its unique properties allow partials to be less bulky than traditional dentures and are very comfortable to wear.

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If you need to have teeth extracted and a denture made you need what is known as an immediate denture. Immediate dentures are fitted at the time your teeth are extracted.

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If your dentures are loose, broken or need teeth added to them, Denture Concepts can fix them. Dentures should be relined every 4 years. An impression is taken inside your denture and the gum fitting part of the denture reprocessed, leaving your denture fitting firmly. This process, along with repairs and additions can be completed within a day.

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Serious Mouth Protection.
If you play a contact sport and are looking for the highest level of protection for your teeth,  StarGuard custom fitted mouth guards are the answer. StarGuard mouthguards are  laminated mouth guards that offer up to 10 times the protection of self fitting mouth guards.

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I had been unhappy with the comfort and appearance of my dentures for years. A friend recommended that I go and see the technicians at Denture Concepts. After carefully listening to my concerns and wishes the technician explained to me what we could realistically achieve. He consulted with me at every stage of the procedure and took as much time as it took to get every stage just right. The result was outstanding. I can eat with confidence, and my friends are very complimentary, saying how much younger I look!

Kathleen Wilson, Blockhouse Bay

My daughter recommended Denture Concepts after I was advised by my dentist that my existing teeth needed to be extracted and dentures fitted. This was a big step for me and I was very nervous about the whole process. I was put at ease from the first appointment,he carefully explained each stage of the process as we went. He listened to what I wanted  and explained what was realistic and what could be achieved. My denture looked  so much like my natural teeth that people were asking me when I was having my teeth out when in fact I had already had them extracted and my denture fitted. Great work .

Jack Rangiwahia, Auckland

I was putting up with my unsightly ill fitting dentures and with a family wedding coming up I thought it’s time for new dentures. Having heard of Denture Concepts I thought why not. After meeting Simon and 5 minutes in the chair, I knew I had made the right decision. Simon was great and helpful, and understanding, and most of all, very professional. He did his utmost to achieve a perfect result, which he did. I am thrilled with my new dentures and can now face the world with a smile.
Thank you Denture Concepts.

Anne Henderson, Auckland